Zurab Alavidze opened Orpiri-Tsutskhvati-Mghvime rehabilitated road


From now on access to the ruins of historic fortress of Tutskhvati will be possible via rehabilitated road. Rehabilitation of Orpiri-Tutskhvati-Mghvime 10.5 km. long road is complete. The new road was opened by the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia along with the representatives of the Roads Department of Georgia and local authorities.
Orpiri-Tsutskhvati-Mghvime section is situated in Imereti region, Tkibuli Municipality and it crosses following villages: Orpiri, Koka, Okhomira and Tsutskhvati. Rehabilitated section starts at 9th km of Kutaisi (Motsameta) – Tkibuli – Ambrolauri road section turning and ends at the village of Tsutskhvati. This section has not been rehabilitated for over 30 years and the road was almost impossible to drive on.
The road was fully rehabilitated. Cement-concrete cover was layed. Road shoulders, gabion bearing walls, traffic signs, steel ropes, and ramparts were arranged, road junctions, yard entrances and existing bridge crossing were also rehabilitated.
This section of road leads to the ruins of historic Tsutskhvati fortress and to the beginning of mountain path, which further leads to karst cave; thus the road is especially important from tourism viewpoint.
For avoiding damage to the caves, the last 274 meters of the road was paved with stone blocks which is designated for walking instead of driving; in addition to that, a parking lot was also arranged.
The project was funded with GEL 7 971 600 from the state budget. The works started in August, 2016. They were finished by a Kazakhstan “BI Group” short time ago. 270 people were employed within the frames of the project. 


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