"We may be of benefit to one another in many ways"


Maya Tskitishvili, Vice Premier, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia held a meeting with rector, professors and students of Technical University of Georgia.
The Minister, Deputy-Ministers, representatives of Road Department of Georgia and United Water Supply Company of Georgia discussed ongoing and planned large scale infrastructural projects.  The minister briefed students on opportunity of strengthening professional and theoretical knowledge required for operations of the ministry by means of field trainings.         
The meeting proceeded in debate mode.     Students got interested in on-the-job training and employment possibilities. In Maya Tskitishvili’s opinion, after gaining adequate theoretical and practical knowledge, graduates of the University will be available for cooperation in various fields currently lacking qualified human resources. There were also specific initiatives suggested at the meeting.  „We have particular need for all types of skilled staff in construction sector. Technical University is the main source and supplier of such manpower. Together with professors and teachers, we are aimed at supporting advanced training of future generation of specialists and attaining such professionals, which will in any capacity be able to successfully deal with crucial assignments.   My sense is that now  we are abreast of your needs and you – of ours  and agree that we may be of benefit to one another in many ways.“ – declared Maya Tskitishvili.
Archil Prangishvili- rector of Technical University expressed his gratitude to Maya Tskitishvili concerning the project under implementation in cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, which involves supporting the bridge testing center. The named ADB backed project is implemented by the Municipal Development Fund of Georgia and its cost averages GEL 6.5 million. 
As for now, works are ongoing for rehabilitation of the center existing in the Technical University building. Besides, the MDF has announced bidding for procurement of modern equipment, stock and devices required for bridge and tunnel diagnostics, including the first vehicle in the Region with all requisite equipment mounted in it. 
The project also provides for retraining of the Technical University staff. 


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