Vice Premier familiarizes Marneuli population with current projects and the scheduled ones


Vice Premier of Georgia, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Maya Tskitishvili along with Deputies, Governor and representatives of authorities have met with the population in Marneuli. 
Maya Tskitishvili talked concerning already accomplished and current projects as well as the scheduled ones to be implemented throughout the region. As per Minister the cost of current and planned road infrastructural projects exceeds GEL 100 million. 
Nowadays the works undergo execution for 11 road projects, under which there will be rehabilitated more than 63 km of road and 2 bridges, while next year there will be commenced 22 projects in addition. In 2019 it is scheduled modernization of Tbilisi-Rustavi road to be finalized. The large scale project is funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). 
Tbilisi-Rustavi road is connected with Azerbaijani border and its modernization is of high significance from transit standpoint. Finalization of the project will enable safe movement of population and distance from Tbilisi to Rustavi Town will take 20 minutes. 
Important projects will be implemented in regions aimed at water supply infrastructure improving. 
Next year it is scheduled also the German Church dated XIX century of important artistic-architectural value as well as residential houses and a cemetery to be restored at Shvabebi St. of Village Asureti in Tetritskaro Municipality. 
“Next year construction of 7 new schools and overall rehabilitation of 5 schools is scheduled in Marneuli Municipality only, while in 21 villages it is considered the out-patient clinics to be repaired. Among the projects I would like to make an emphasize on so called “Gadachrili Gora” (Cut off hill) of tourist significance as there was found the (wine) addle dated 8 thousand years, which grants Georgia the status of the homeland of viticulture. We have interesting plans in this direction. It needs to be noted as well that in many projects the Contractors have the commitment to employ the local residents in the process of construction and workplaces will be created upon finalization of the projects. Hence, it is not only the infrastructural work as each project has the social significance and it is focused on development of the country, and improvement of conditions for each citizen” – Maya Tskitishvili stated. 
As for Kvemo Kartli it is scheduled also the animal shelter and multi-functional Sports Complex to be constructed in Rustavi, football pitch to be built in Marneuli, power efficiency component at Municipal buildings to be strengthened, and tourist infrastructure to be regulated that envisages arrangement of sites for picnics, WCs and pedestrian paths.  


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