Through communication with population we seek to tailor our plans to their needs


Introduction of important ongoing and planned regional projects is in progress.   Maya Tskitishvili, Vice Premier, Minster of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia held meeting with Akhmeta population, she received information regarding needs of the Municipality and presented the scheduled infrastructural projects.  
,,I am pleased that the population is interested in our plans, which are set under the year  2019 budget.  It is apparent that majority of our plans coincides with   needs and priorities of local population, however, we have also discussed pending problems, which inter alia include: gasification, water supply and road works in several villages. The issues raised by the population will certainly be reflected in our future activities.   Such meetings are much-needed  and it is this direct and immediate communication that enables us to fit our plans to local needs.“- declared Maya Tskitishvili.
At the meeting with population, the Minister stressed importance of road infrastructure rehabilitation-construction  and water supply system conditioning. The conversation touched on delayed water supply works in Akhmeta, which several months ago entered into new active phase        and will be completed by the end of current year. Road rehabilitation works will commence following completion of water supply system conditioning works.  
The Vice Premier focused on objectives targeted at rehabilitation-construction of ambulance services and outpatient clinics, schools and kindergartens, as well as increasing accessibility of cultural and sport infrastructure. 
The meeting was held in interactive format.  Deputy Ministers, Governor of the Region, Members of Parliament and representatives of local self-government were also responding to questions of locals.   ,,We have discussed challenges facing Akhmeta municipality and perspectives planned for the year 2019.    The very first problem is delay of water supply system rehabilitation project, however this year some additional funding was allocated for the named project and it will be finalized. Akhmeta population will be supplied with high quality water and water and road infrastructure deficiency-related inconveniency will be eliminated.“-stated Irakli Kadagishvili, Authorized Representative-Governor of Kakheti Region. 
The Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia in cooperation with the Asian Development Bank is planning implementation of large-scale projects in Kakheti, which serve infrastructural as well as regional development purpose.
It was pointed out that preparation of Akhmeta Municipality Spatial Arrangement Plan, under which were elaborated Tusheti Settlement development regulation plans, is completed; final stage of Telavi master plan is underway and it will be completed in the beginning of December.    


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