There starts a construction of Water/Wastewater Systems of Marneuli and a Wastewater System of Bolnisi


Maia Tskitishvili, Vice Prime Minister of Georgia and Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure, met with population of Marneuli Municipality and introduced planned water infrastructure projects.Deputy Ministers, Management of United Water Supply Company, Governor of Region, Majority Deputy of Marneuli and Representatives of Self-Governance attended the meeting. “Such an open and free dialogue is important for all of us. These meetings have already become a tradition. Since spring, we started a very active communication with local self-governing entities, deputies, and governors in order to take into account years-long problems in the budget of 2019”, said Maia Tskitishvili. The meeting was held in Q & A mode. The population received a detailed information about projects from the authorities. As Vice Prime Minister mentioned, United Water Supply Company of Ministry of Infrastructure will start mobilization works for Marneuli water and wastewater systems, Bolnisi intercepting sewer and wastewater system in December. The civil works will start in first quarter of next year. Irakli Urushadze, Deputy Director of United Water Supply Company, and Zaur Ibrahimov, Deputy Head of International Civil Works Projects at Akelik Group, signed the Agreement. “Today we had an opportunity to deliver information about the projects planned to be implemented in 2019. Water was the major and the most important problem besetting the Marneuli population. Water supply problem has not been solved for decades; Water supply project of this region is quite expensive, i.e. 55 MIO USD. It includes civil works of Marneuli water/wastewater and Bolnisi wastewater system. As a result of the latter, 35 200 people will have 24h water supply instead of today’s 5-6h. We have spent quite a lot of time to negotiate over pooling these monies from donors. With the assistance of the Asian Development Bank, we have already identified the winner of Marneuli and Bolnisi tender, and the representative of this company accompanied us at this meeting today”, mentioned Vice Prime Minister. Today, 83% of Marneuli population receives water for 5-6 hours. After the completion of the project, about 35 200 residents of Marneuli city and villages of Marneuli Municipality will have a stable and quality water supply. Concerning wastewater infrastructure, as of today, there is no sewage system in the village of Kizilajlo; about 25% of Marneuli population and 40% of Bolnisi use wastewater infrastructure. After the completion of the project, about 38 000 residents of Marneuli, Bolnisi and village of Kizilajlo will use an adequate sewage infrastructure. The project includes construction of pumping station and three new reservoirs, installation of transmission main and internal networks, replacement of dilapidated pipes with new ones, installation of new intercepting sewer and sewage system (121 km) and construction of wastewater pumping stations. The Asian Development Bank is financing the project with 55.940.022 USD under Urban Services Improvement Investment Program. An Azerbaijani company, “Akelik Group”, will execute civil works. The company was established in May 2011. The direct activities of the company include installation and construction of water/wastewater systems, amelioration, hydraulic structures, bridges and roads.The project is planned to be completed in March 2021. It is planned to design rehabilitation of water/wastewater systems of city of Dmanisi. Currently, the terms of reference are being prepared. The bidding for design services will be announced at the beginning of 2019. The project also includes water supply system of Ormotstskaro-Mashavera.



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