Tech Park and Vocational College being constructed in Kaspi


The Municipal Development Fund (MDF) of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia (MRDI) is to commence construction of an innovative center – Tech Park in Kaspi Town. There will be built the two-storey building within the project and work and study rooms, so called fab-lab, along with the conference and auxiliary halls and a working space will be arranged there. There is scheduled to be arranged also the open terrace for various types of activities, site accomplishment, including fencing, parking and landscaping is also planned to be provided there. The project considers requirements of people with disabilities. 
The construction bidding was announced on October 10th, 2018 and it will be opened on November 9th. Tentative date for commencement of works is February 2019.
Vice Premier, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Maya Tskitishvili, Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Mikheil Batiashvili and Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Giorgi Kobulia along with the Majoritarian MP for Shida Kartli Region Irakli Mezurnishvili and representatives of the youth of the region visited the site of construction, undergoing implementation in Kaspi - the project space of Tech Park and the Vocational Collage, designated for 200 students. They talked also about the coordinated work process of the entities and anticipated outcomes of all the referenced. 
The MRDI works actively to regulate the required infrastructure in the regions and render assistance in order development to be provided in a balanced manner - “We had a very good meeting with the youth of Kaspi Municipality. It is of important significance that both projects, i.e. vocational college and tech park will be completed simultaneously that will enable the youth of Kaspi to study and work in practice too. It means that they will be able to combine the professional education with the opportunities that the tech parks provide for them. Kaspi Tech Park, as well as Tbilisi Tech Park provides the youth with an access to technologies: 3D printers, various machine tool stations and all the equipment which the Tech Park is to be equipped with. The youth will be enabled to participate in grant financing for implementation of their projects and in sharing the information and knowledge of experts. And what the most important is – everything will be located in Kaspi and nobody will have to leave for Tbilisi. It will be the educational center for technological education and development that will unite the youth and they will be granted the opportunity to realize their potential completely” – Maya Tskitishvili stated.
The educational programs of the Vocational College will be based on the professions that are required throughout the region. The institution will be focused on applying of the new technologies to be supported by the Tech Park located within the same site. “I am sure that we have a great potential in the region for the innovative fields to be developed by us. This is the field by means of which we will be able to overcome and decrease the number of unemployment, especially amongst the youth. I am glad that such platform is being formed in Kaspi Region and I am part of it” – Irakli Mezurnishvili noted. 
At the beginning of the new school year there was opened also the Pubic School #1 in Kaspi that is also adapted to the students with special educational needs. The School is of modern standards and is designated for 650 students. There are the library as and the class-cabinets for natural sciences, doctor’s room, sports and assembly halls at school. 


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