Specialists of the UWSCG to have the opportunity to be retrained in Hungary


Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia Griogol Katsia participated in the Water Supply Forum of Georgia-Hungary, organized by the Embassy of Hungary. 
The participants of the Forum were the representatives of leading companies of Hungary in the field of Water Supply (Budapest Waterworks Zrt, Pureco Kft., Aqua Dotis Kft.), as well as of the United Water Supply Company of Georgia (UWSCG) of MRDI and other Georgian companies.
Conducting of the Forum was initiated by Ambassador of Hungary to Georgia Viktória Horváth and objective of the Forum was sharing of information on working experience of Hungarian Companies from water supply system (WSS) management standpoint, as well as pertaining to the European Union (EU) standards and the most recent, modern technologies.
Giga Katsia familiarized the Hungarian party with the situation being in the WS field of Georgia, as well as with the practice of the UWSCG and its challenges from the point of requirements for development of infrastructure and upgrading the qualification of the staff. 
The parties participating in the Forum agreed on retraining of the staff of the UWSCG either at leading companies of Hungary or by assistance rendered by Hungarian experts in Georgia, aimed at professional qualification upgrading. The representatives of Hungarian companies participating in the Forum were interested also in large scale infrastructural projects that are scheduled to be implemented in Georgia.  


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