Rehabilitation of Ponichala-Marneuli-Guguti road is nearly completion


Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Nodar Javakhishvili and Chairman of Roads Department Giorgi Seturidze inspected  rehabilitation works of Ponichala-Marneuli-Guguti road. Mentioned road   is the shortest road that connects Kvemo Kartli region and republic of Armenia with Tbilisi.

Under the project road sections in Bolnisi and Dmanisi municipality will be repaired (15 km). Also, under the project Structures, road retaining walls, junctions to local roads, entrances to private yards would be arranged. Also bus stations and enclosed bus stops would be provided. Road signs would be installed and marking of the carriageway would be done to ensure safe traffic. Rehabilitation works is nearly completion stage.

Dmanisi archaeological discoveries gave great importance this road, because tourists can connect to this places by this rehabilitation road.

Project is financed from the state budget and its cost is GEL 19 mln 78.2.  


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