Rehabilitation of Kutaisi City historical district and Davit Kakabadze Gallery is to start


“The new management of the United Water Supply Company of Georgia (UWSCG) makes all efforts for the delayed process of Kutaisi WSS regulation to be finalized in spring of the next year.  Some sections of the roads had been damaged due to water works, but the road arranging and restoring works will be proceeded there. At present we do work with the Donor organization concerning the third stage of Kutaisi sewage networks project that undergoes implementation stage by stage, since this is the large-scale project and Kutaisi City is quite large, comprising of all its settlements” – Vice Premier, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Maya Tskitishvili declared in the course of the meeting held with Imereti population.  
According to Vice Premier, many other infrastructural projects are scheduled to be implemented in Kutaisi, in particular: rehabilitation-construction of roads, schools, kindergartens, out-patient clinics. Moreover, Municipal Development Fund (MDF) of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure (MRDI) is elaborating the other projects that will be of high significance for Kutaisi population, e.g. rehabilitation of Kutaisi City historical district– structures dated the 19th century that are located over Rioni riverbank and reconstruction-rehabilitation of Davit Kakabadze Fine Arts Gallery in Kutaisi. The works stipulated under the projects are to commence in 2019. The Gallery was established in 1976 and there are samples of graphical, sculptural and applied arts there. The Golden Fund of the Gallery comprises of up to 3000 exhibits, including 18 ones with granted cultural heritage monument status: pictorial and sculptural works by Niko Pirosmani, Elene Akhvlediani, Gigo Gabashvili, Lado Gudiashvili, Davit Kakabadze and others. Maya Tskitishvili talked about Tskaltubo too and noted that considerable investment has been made into Tskaltubo for many years. 
“MDF has restored the Central Park of Tskaltubo. We have planned also to rehabilitate the fountain directly in Tskaltubo Park this year. Certainly it is only the part of the works that is required for the visitors to feel more benefits from improvements”. As per Vice Premier, problems of population are of the most important significance, that is why the works for regulation of water and sewage systems undergoing implementation in Tskaltubo Town, will be completed next year, upon finalization of which the local residents will have the issue of many years resolved. There is scheduled also important projects for Tskaltubo Municipality villages to be implemented in 2019: construction of New Public Schools for Tskaltubo and Geguti Villages, rehabilitation of schools and roads. 


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