Rehabilitation of 15 km long road in the village of Rodinauli is complete


Rehabilitation of 15 km long road in Zestafoni Municipality is complete. Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Zurab Alavidze visited the new road along with the population of the village of Rodinauli and representatives of local authority. The new road will make travel for the population of the village easy and will significantly shorten time to reach administrative center of Zestafoni. 
The road section which connects the village with the Municipality, was practically functionless and population could not travel on it. The project included improvement of earth cover, cleaning existing gutters and arranging new ones, laying concrete cover and paving access roads with sand-gravel mixture. In addition, a bridge over the River Kvirila was renovated.   
The project was implemented by the Municipal Development Fund through the financial support of European Investment Bank and its total cost amounted to around GEL 6 mln. 


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