Official opening of Moxi Hotel in Tbilisi by Vice Premier Maya Tskitishvili


Moxi Hotel has been officially opened within the “GMT Group” new complex. The hotel started functioning in March 2018, however the official ceremony of its opening has been held just nowadays.
 “I would like to congratulate all of you, but first of all “GMT” Group, as due to their efforts such a good facility has been added to the city. I would like to congratulate Tbilisi City on such an interesting project at the left bank as it will provide more encouragement for the district to be developed from tourist standpoint, although it is already often visited by tourists. Moxi represents the new direction within the Marriott system and it is joyful that the hotel of the referenced type has been built exactly in Georgia throughout the Eastern Europe. As the Minister of Regional Development, I wish the new Moxis to be opened in the regions of the country too” – Vice Premier, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia Maya Tskitishvili stated. According to Vice Premier, there had been built more than 200 hotels in 2015-2018 in Georgia and for forthcoming 3 years there is scheduled to be opened more 200 hotels that in total provides for addition of approximately 36 thousand beds. “Along with increasing number of tourist flow, it is of special significance the hotels of such economy-segment to be established. I am aware that “GMT” Group has very good plans and together with the hotel, the new interesting, vivid and youthful site will be added to this district, along with the new cafés and spaces. I do hope that we will participate in opening of the infrastructure as a whole soon” – Maya Tskitishvili declared. Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure thanked the American Governmental Agency OPIC as this organization is the strategic partner of GMT Group and takes part in all projects implemented by that company. Total cost of the referenced project amounts to 25 million USD. 


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