Problem of bad roads was solved in Gori

Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Mr. Tengiz hergelashvili, together with the Mayor of Gori Zurab Jirkvelishvili inspected Regional Development Fund projects of Gori  of 2013-2016.

9 041 17 630 GEL have been allocated from  the Regional Development Fund for implementation of infrastructure projects in Gori. The major part of the amount - 4 422 831 GEL,  was used to enhance road infrastructure of the city, part - 4264788 GEL was spent for development sewage systems and the rest for rehabilitation - drainage systems, bridges and kindergartens.


Drinking water problem will be solved for the surrounding villages of the occupation zone

Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Nodar Javakhishvili, together with the Director of the United Water Supply Company Giorgi Koberidze, inspected  water supply systems  rehabilitation works in Gori and Kaspi municipalities.  Head water and  reservoir, from which the villages were being supplied by  water,  have been occupied since 2008. Resulting of this  problem of water supply for population of these villages was occured.


Award for public access to information

"The Institute for Development of Freedom of Information" (IDFI) and the "Open Society Georgia" organized the presentation of the final report about freedom of information in 2016 in the country. The most open and the most closed public institutions have been named on the event. Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia was named as one of the most open public institution for 2016 and was awarded with  a special award.


After 40 years of lack of water the village Udabno will be supplied with clean water 24-hour a day

Construction of water supply system has been completed in the village Udabno. After 40 years of lack of water the residents of the village will be provided with non-stop, high-quality water supply. Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Nodar Javakhishvili attended the opening ceremony of the project together with the Director of United Water Supply Company, Giorgi Koberidze and the local authorities.


Disaster relief works are ongoing in Lagodekhi and Ozurgeti municipalities

Infrastructure has been damaged in several municipalities of Georgia as a result of disaster September 21. Heavy rain and wind especially   damaged roofs of 60 houses in three villages of Lagodekhi municipality: Apeni, Gvimriani and Chabukiani.  The wind uprooted trees, damaged power lines.

As a result of the disaster Ozurgeti municipality was especially damaged as well.  Strong wind and rain damaged houses. Disaster damaged roofs of 70 houses and 7 multistoried blocks and flooded the houses.  


Movement problems during rainfall will be eliminated for Tsilkani population

Minister of internally displaced persons from the occupied territories of Georgia Sozar Subari and first deputy minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia Ilia Darchiashvili visited Mtskheta municipality village Tsiklani, where approximately 1300 internally displaced persons reside. Based on MDF order internal roads gravel arrangement works were carried out in mentioned village. Sozar Subari and Ilia Darchiashvili had a look at implemented works and held discussion with local population.



International Bidding announcement for Tskenti-Samadlo and Tskneti-Akhaldaba Road Rehabilitation

International Bidding has been announced for rehabilitation of Tskneti-Samadlo and Tskneti-Akhaldaba Road, destroyed as a result of natural disaster dated June 13th, 2015. All interested companies, including foreign and Georgian ones are able to participate in the Bidding. Duration of works is 14 months. Estimated cost amounts to 3,746,942 EUR. Bidding opening date is October 3rd, 2016.