New two-lane section of Kutaisi bypass road with a length of 41 km will be constructed


The Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia starts construction of a new 2-lane section of Kutaisi bypass road with a length of 41.3 km. 
Today, Minister Maya Tskitishvili and First Deputy Minister, Chairman of Roads Department Irakli Karseladze introduced bidding conditions of the project to Georgian and international construction companies, international financial institutions and diplomatic attaches. 
Existing two-lane road was opened in November 2014 and due to frequent traffic accidents, soon afterwards it became unilateral road. 
After construction of new two lanes, traffic on Kutaisi bypass road section will become unilateral in both directions. The project will be constructed following highway standards and will significantly improve road safety.
 “This road is part of East West Highway and its functioning in both traffic direction is very important in terms of road safety as well as full operation of the highway. For this reason, the Government of Georgia decided to finance this project. Today, we invited Georgian and international companies, international financial institutions and diplomatic attaches, provided them with full information on bidding conditions and the project. In addition, we requested them to inform companies of their own countries. Our main objective is to receive qualitative road, which complies with international standard. Moreover, we welcome if Georgian companies satisfy bidding conditions and participate in the project,” – mentioned Maya Tskitishvili after completion of the meeting. 
Estimated cost of the construction project of Kutaisi new bypass road is 200 million GEL. The project is divided into four lots; therefore, more companies will be allowed to participate in the bidding. 
Estimated completion date of the new two-lane section is autumn 2020. 
Within the new initiative of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, information meetings with construction companies are actively ongoing. Contractor organizations and interested groups are receiving detailed preliminary information on all important biddings, innovations or planned variations. 
 “It can be said that this project is unprecedented to some extent, as it is 41-km road, which will be fully financed from the state budget. Negotiations with donor organizations on construction of new two lanes were actively ongoing, however, as you know, they have their own parameters and studies, including existing traffic intensity and other components. Therefore, from the very beginning, they funded only the construction project of two-lane road, and based on importance of construction of Kutaisi bypass road section of East West Highway, construction of additional two-lane road will be financed by the state budget” – said Chairman of Roads Department Irakli Karseladze. 
Biddings on all four lots will be announced in the coming days and companies will have 30 calendar days to submit proposals.


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