Monitoring Team works for projects to be accomplished qualitatively within set dates


The Monitoring Team of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia (MRDI) led by Deputy Minister Ilia Begiashvili, visited the sites of current and completed infrastructural projects in Shida Kartli. 
Ilia Begiashvili along with Shida Kartli Governor Giorgi Khojevanishvili inspected the works for arrangement-rehabilitation works of drainage-waste water systems at the Art School nearby site, Stalin Avenue section and Kakhniashvili Street in Gori Town. The works are funded partially out of the Fund designated for projects to be implemented in regions and its cost amounts to GEL 712 thousand. The project will be finalized within set dates. 
The Monitoring Team visited also already accomplished works at Tbilisi Street in Gori Town, which had been implemented within the Contract dates and the project value amounted to GEL 448 thousand. They have been familiarized today also with one of problematic projects that provides for construction of the kindergarten at Sadguri settlement. The Contract was suspended with the Construction Company due to the fact that the project performance had been lagging behind. Recurring Bidding for kindergarten construction finalizing works was announced on August 30th of the current year and it will be opened at the end of September. 
“The situation is quite diverse. There are some successfully completed projects and the fact of it is very pleasant, however I would like to make an emphasize on problematic projects not only in Gori Town. One amongst such projects is the kindergarten that undergoes construction in Sadguri Settlement, followed by justified discontent of population. As per initial Contract this project had had to be completed by November 2017, however unfortunately the Contractor Company failed to accomplish the works in an appropriate manner and the Contract was suspended. As of to date the referenced project has been taken under special control by Ministry and Administration of the Governor. In order the current infrastructural projects throughout the country to be finalized within the stipulated dates in a qualitative manner, as per decision made by Minister Maya Tskitishvili, there operates the Monitoring Team at the Ministry. The Team consists of the Ministry representatives as well as of civil engineers, experts, administration of the State Administration and Municipalities” - Ilia Begiashvili stated. 
According to Mr. Begiashvili, monitoring is to cover all regions and outcomes of held monitoring will become available for public from time to time. 
In 2018, the Fund designated for projects to be implemented in regions financed 770 infrastructural projects of GEL 250 million cost, out of which 40 projects at the cost of GEL 20 million -  in Shida Kartli. 


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