The Ministry Presents Scheduled Biddings to Construction Firms In advance


Maya Tskitishvili, Vice Premier and Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure   of Georgia and Irakli Karseladze, First Deputy Minister and Chairman of the Roads Department of Georgia   have ahead of time informed construction firms of biddings on the scheduled projects.
Under a new initiative of the Ministry, such information meetings with construction firms are in active phase.    Contractors and other stakeholders are beforehand receiving information regarding all important biddings, innovations or planned changes. 
This initiative of the Ministry aims at rendering bidding procedures more transparent and effective, enabling interested companies to familiarize with projects and better prepare themselves before announcement of bidding and provision of open and equal conditions in competitive setting. 
,,As far as we are concerned, there are no closed biddings or confidential information existing. We would like to make this process more transparent and intensify involvement of our companies.” stated Maya Tskitishvili.
According to Jano Kaplanishvili, representative of “Boran Mining” LTD, meetings in such format are of great significance to them, since they have opportunity to directly communicate with the management of the Ministry and representatives of Roads Department   and discuss each specific issue in detail; at the same time, this format is especially fruitful in terms of their participation in international projects.   
It was also noted that till October 15, the Roads Department will announce 26 biddings on road infrastructure rehabilitation.  Total cost of biddings exceeds GEL 185 million.
Roads, which are significant from touristic perspective and those, which are important for the local population will be subjected to rehabilitation;    the projects also cover such sections, which have never been asphalted before.  In particular, historical Khvamli Mountain and Okatse canyon access Gordi-Dzedzileti connecting roads will undergo rehabilitation.  Moreover, rehabilitation works will be implemented for  Barisakho-Shatili connecting 55 km road and Sachkhere-Oni connecting road of 8.5km, which is divided in 2 lots.  In this locations, arrangement of road infrastructure will provide for   comfortable conveyance of locals and visitors and regional development.  Except for touristic potential development, mountain road projects will contribute to returning locals to mountainous regions and development of small business enterprises locally.   


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