Maya Tskitishvili-War against Georgians and Abkhazians was an Overwhelming Human and National Tragedy


“War against Georgians and Abkhazians was an overwhelming human and national tragedy” – declared Maya Tskitishvili, Vice-Premier, Minister  of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia  at the memorial to heroes fallen for integrity of Georgia.
„September 27, 1993 is the biggest tragedy in latest history of our state, it is the tragedy of Georgian and Abkhazian folks. Thousands of people were killed during this war, tens of thousands were seeking refuge in their own country.  In the course of years, we have been making efforts at reestablishment of confidence between us and our Abkhazian brothers and sisters.    Our endeavors and especially the last one “Step Towards Better Future”, all programs targeting  economic development, education and culture, are serving the named purpose, they are aimed at reintegration of our country, at revival of our past relations and regaining more strength” – stated Maya Tskitishvili.
Today, 25 years have passed since the fall of Sukhumi. By Governmental order, national flags are hoisted down in all administrative buildings countrywide.  


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