Maya Tskitishvili visiting current infrastructural projects in Abasha Municipality


Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Maya Tskitishvili together with Majoritarian MP for Martvili and Abasha Municipalities Otar Danelia and Mayor of Abasha Municipality Levan Makalatia visited the current infrastructural projects in Abasha Municipality. 
The rehabilitation works for the WSS undergoing implementation in Abasha Municipality, was commenced in February 2018. The works are scheduled to be completed in February 2019 that will result in water supply improving in Abasha Town and 9 villages. The project at the amount of GEL 12 million is funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB). The main pipeline being in Abasha Town and vicinity villages had been in need of rehabilitation for many years as the pipes, used by population are of asbestos and amortized. There are frequent damages and impeded water supply because of being outdated. Within the project the asbestos main pipeline of 15 km length in Abasha Town and nearby 9 villages will be replaced by new polyethylene pipelines. Upon finalization of works, up to 4000 residents of the town and of nine villages will be provided with qualitative water supply and from spring of the next year they will apply the renovated water infrastructure of modern standards. 
Simultaneously the Central Park is being restored-arranged in Abasha Town and constructions works for medical in-patient clinic are also being conducted there.
“We have considered the projects at the amount of up to GEL 14 million to be implemented in Abasha Municipality by 2019. There is envisaged also construction of the new School and 6 new kindergartens there; there is provided for construction of many roads and infrastructure of various types too, such as the out-patient clinics and many other cultural and sports facilities” - Maya Tskitishvili declared.  


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