Maya Tskitishvili to veterans – we have done a lot for meeting specific requirements, however we do know that much more is needed to be done for your merits to be appreciated with due respect


Vice Premier of Georgia Maya Tskitishvili congratulated veterans on the Veteran Day.  “We have had so many conflicts throughout our history, inter alia the most recent ones, that nowadays there are up to 70 thousand veterans in Georgia. That number is too high considering the scale and economic capabilities of such country as Georgia. Actually, the most tragic is the fact that 70 thousand people have undergone the war and associated psychological and physical traumas. It is the obligation of the State and we do acknowledge the responsibility that we have undertaken for you”- Maya Tskitishvili declared at the meeting held at the State Service for Veterans’ Affairs. According to Mrs. Tskitishvili, Service of Veterans had been formed as the separate entity at the separate building and that decision  serves as confirmation to the fact that the Government of “Georgian Dream” considers veterans to be of special significance. “All it had been done in order your voice to be heard by us and enable us to identify all the issues you are concerned about. I would like to state proudly that in recent years we had done much for meeting the specific requirements. The matter is about increased financing in the field of health care, as well as increased possibilities for the households of veterans in the field of education, there have been resolved many other social issues too, however we do know that more is required to be done in order your merits to be appreciated with due respect. We have been in permanent talks with the veterans, including those ones who are either at governmental bodies or at the Parliament and the conversations are about their capabilities, knowledge and experience in safety and other issues to be more applied” – Maya Tskitishvili noted. The Veteran Day has been celebrating in Georgia since 2014. 


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