Maya Tskitishvili meets with new Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden


Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia Maya Tskitishvili has met with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to Georgia Ulrik Tideström and representatives of Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) Program.
The meeting was of familiarization character and the Parties talked pertaining to priorities of regional development and infrastructural projects that undergo implementation with financial support from SIDA.
By means of SIDA, the Government of the Kingdom of Sweden has been actively cooperating with Georgia for many years already, providing at that significant support in terms of self-governmental development, environmental safeguards, arrangement of landfills of international standards and improvement of solid waste transportation system, and regulation of WS and WWS systems as well. 
As of to date, SIDA finances the consultation service for the landfill of Kvemo Kartli - in the field of solid waste, and it is being implemented by Solid Waste Management Company, as for the water sector – SIDA backs the Sustainable Development Project for WWS (sewage) Systems that provides for construction of WWTPs in Telavi and Tskaltubo Cities. 
At the meeting the emphasize was made on amicable relations and cooperation, inter alia within international organizations, formed between Georgia and the Kingdom of Sweden. 
At the end of the Meeting the Parties expressed readiness to render support in order economic relations to be more expanded and available capabilities to be applied effectively. 


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