Maya Tskitishvili familiarizes Kakheti population with current projects and scheduled ones to be implemented in Kakheti


Vice Premier of Georgia, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Maya Tskitishvili met with the population of Kakheti Municipality in Telavi Town and conducted the presentation on significant projects scheduled throughout the region. In attendance of the meeting and participants of the discussion were the residents of three Municipalities (Telavi, Gurjaani, Akhmeta), University students, professors, teachers, entrepreneurs, representatives of NGOs, Governmental Unit and self-governmental bodies as well as the majoritarian MPs of the Municipalities. 
Maya Tskitishvili talked about the projects that undergo implementation in various directions throughout the region as well as pertaining to the scheduled ones. 
“Today’s meeting is dedicated to the presentation of the projects that are scheduled to be implemented in Kakheti. Together with the Asian Development Bank, we have an opportunity to implement the large-scale projects that serve to infrastructural as well as to regional development in two regions – Kakheti and Samegrelo. Public hearing on these projects was conducted by us with the population and students. Such public hearings enable us to listen to their opinions and identify what the priorities of the population are and then consider them under our projects” – Maya Tskitishvili declared. 
At the meeting Vice Premier made an emphasize on importance of improvement of municipal services, rehabilitation-construction of the road infrastructure, regulation of water supply systems. The talk concerned also the natural disaster risk decrease and management, including Alazani bank protection and arrangement of dams, rehabilitation-construction of the emergency centers and out-patient clinics, schools and kindergartens, increasing availability of cultural and sports infrastructure, and significance of tourism development. 
For information: in recent years there had been rehabilitated 82 km of road in Kakheti, and 3 bank protection projects had been carried out. At present stage the works undergo implementation for 9 projects, within which there will be arranged the road of 15 km and 6 bridges. Udabno Village of Sagarejo Municipality has been provided with the 24/7 water supply after being without water for 40 years. There were built 8 new kindergartens too, serving 600 children and there were rehabilitated also 46 kindergartens as well as 18 cultural facilities. The work on plan for spatial arrangement of Akhmeta Municipality was completed, within which the plans for regulation of development of Tusheti Settlement had been elaborated. Telavi general layout processing is at its final stage and it will be finalized in the first half of December.  


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