Maya Tskitishvili and Mercedes Vera Martin Discuss Year 2018-2019 Budget


Maya Tskitishvili, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia and Mercedes Vera Martin, Head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Middle East and Central Asia Department Mission, discussed MRDI current year budget performance and following year budget parameters.  
The meeting was attended by Deputy Ministers – Mzia Giorgobiani and Grigol Katsia, and representatives of the Ministry of Finance and IMF.    
Maya Tskitishvili communicated to the audience detailed information on current and planned infrastructural projects. 
Mission members took interest in regional infrastructural road projects, water supply works and such other projects. 
The IMF representatives have noted that the Ministry has made good progress in infrastructural project implementation.  
At the meeting, the Minister has emphasized significance of international partners’ backing in infrastructural project financing.  
In Maya Tskitishvili’s opinion, the following year will be loaded with large scale infrastructural works to be implemented in various sectors. The parties also considered perspectives of future cooperation and other issues on the agenda. 


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