Maya Tskitishvili – war against Georgians and Abkhazians was the greatest tragedy from human and national standpoint


“The war against Georgians and Abkhazians was the greatest human and national tragedy” – Vice Premier, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Maya Tskitishvili declared at the Memorial dedicated to the heroes fallen for Georgian unity. 
“September 27th of 1993 is the greatest tragedy of Georgian recent history. This is the tragedy of Georgian and Abkhazian people. During the war there were fallen thousands of people, and tens of thousands became refugees within their own country. For the whole period of time we have been attempting to restore the trust that we had in our Abkhazian brothers and sisters. Our initiatives, especially the final one - “Step to better future”, as well as all those programs that are directed to development of the fields of economy, education and culture, serve to restoring of trust and represent an attempt to unite our country again, and consolidate all the relations that we had in the past and to become stronger” – Maya Tskitishvili declared. 
There has been passed 25 years since the fall of Sokhumi. Pursuant to the Decree of the Government of Georgia, the State Flag has been lowered at the buildings of all administrative bodies throughout the country. 


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