Maya Tskitishvili – it is very important to make our historical monuments as a source of income for local municipalities


Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia Maya Tskitishvili together with her Deputy Minister – Giga Katsia and Governor in Imereti Shavlego Tabatadze, inspected conservation-restoration-rehabilitation works of the complex of Gelati Monastery. Works are divided into two stages – works of the first stage envisage restoration of a dome and stones, and the second stage – chapel roofing of the Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary, rehabilitation of foundation and drainage system.
Within the project, arrangement of tourist infrastructure – construction of information buildings, café, kitchen, restroom and bus stop was completed last year. Also, 2 water reservoirs, bore-hole and cleaning structures were constructed. 
“It is very important to make our monuments and historical heritage as a source of income for local municipalities and arrangement of tourist infrastructure serves exactly this purpose. In terms of preservation of cultural heritage monuments, of course, conservation-restoration works, which are ongoing on the territory of Gelati Monastery are much more important” – declared Mrs. Maya Tskitishvili. 
A total cost of the project ongoing in the territory of Gelati Monastery, which is being carried out by the Municipal Development Fund with the financial support of the World Bank is up to 3 million GEL and completion of both components is planned by the end of this year. 


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