Guria Budget Priorities Planned in Cooperation with Self-government Officials


Meetings of the MRDI officials with Self-government representatives are underway in order to ensure efficient planning of regional budgets.    
Maya Tskitishvili and Deputy Ministers held meeting with Zurab Nasarya - Governor of Guria Region, Mayors of Lanchkhuti, Ozurgeti, Chokhatauri Municipalities, Majoritarian Delegates from the Region and Self-government officials.     
Agenda of issues under discussion included budget planning, regional priorities and needs, areas of concern and means of their solution. The discussion centered around ongoing and planned infrastructural projects.   The Minister and Deputy Ministers received updates on the actual state of affairs in the region directly from the Self-government representatives.   It was also noted that public access to up-to standard social infrastructure and maintenance and serviceability of cultural, sports, medical and such other infrastructural facilities are of great importance and require special consideration.  
Significance of priority project planning-implementation jointly with  the central government was also emphasized at the meeting. 
MRDI officials have already conducted similar meetings in various regions countrywide. Through the end of the year, working meetings of similar format are scheduled in every region of Georgia.   


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