Grigol Katsia participating in Conference on “Dual Vocational Education”


“Education is the declared priority of the Government and all of us do acknowledge that the development of economy of the country requires availability of qualitative system of education” – Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Grigol Tatsia declared today at the Conference on “Coordination of Dual Vocational Education”, organized by Commercial-Industrial Chamber. In the referenced event were participating Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports and Head of the Administration of the President. Dual vocational education is one of the forms of study that means involvement of the employer in the process of education. This is the applied method for the vocational education to be closer to the labor market. The employer is also involved in evaluation of the student that increases possibility for the graduate to be employed. Establishment of study based on work was commenced in Georgia two years ago with the support of the Governments of Germany and Switzerland and its scales are increasing on a gradual basis. “It is essential the system of education to respond to the requirements of the labor market. We are facing some requirements from the point of diverse qualifications, however unfortunately we do not have the staff of appropriate competence. Hence, the Government works on completely new model of vocational education that is based on partnership between the state and the private sector. The further step for reforming of vocational education will be shifting to flexible model of rapid employment to be focused on regional development that means formation of short-term system of retraining. It will support increasing of the local production in regions and forming of the new workplaces” – Grigol Katsia stated. 


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