Drinking water problem will be solved for the surrounding villages of the occupation zone


Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Nodar Javakhishvili, together with the Director of the United Water Supply Company Giorgi Koberidze, inspected  water supply systems  rehabilitation works in Gori and Kaspi municipalities.  Head water and  reservoir, from which the villages were being supplied by  water,  have been occupied since 2008. Resulting of this  problem of water supply for population of these villages was occured.

Within the frameworks of the project wells, chlorination and pressure towers will be arranged. After completing of the works, the drinking water problem in the 10 surrounding villages of the occupation zone will be resolved.

Infrastructure works, for which the government has allocated more than 3 million, will be completed in November 2016 and more than 11 000 people will be provided with drinking water.


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