Construction of a new access road to Gergeti Trinity Church is completed


Construction of a 5.6-km access road of Stepantsminda-Trinity Church was completed in Kazbegi municipality. Within the project, a new road with cement concrete pavement, culverts, road support walls, bus stations and enclosed bus stations were arranged; road improvement works were carried out. In addition, traffic signs were installed and horizontal marking works were carried out on the new road. Tourists, local population and pilgrims will be able to travel to Gergeti Trinity Church through this updated, comfortable and safe road. The old access road to Gergeti Church is narrow and ground road, it will operate in parallel with this new road. Gergeti Holy Trinity Church is a monument of XIV century, which is very interesting for tourists. Construction of mentioned road will significantly promote development of tourist potential in Kazbegi. The project was financed by the state budget and its cost amounted to 7 793 854 GEL. Ltd State Construction Company carried out road construction works.


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