Conducted course of training on infrastructural projects management


Qualification upgrading courses for the employees of Municipalities keep on proceeding. This time the training on infrastructural projects management was conducted for representatives of self-governmental bodies in Gori, and it was attended by five municipalities.  
The aim of the study course is the awareness of staffers of local self-governmental entities to be raised concerning infrastructural projects management cycle as well as pertaining to the stages of project implementation and monitoring. 
In attendance of the course of training was Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia Mzia Giorgobiani. Deputy Minister declared that in future the Ministry will proceed with active support of similar courses throughout the regions of Georgia. 
“The objective of these arrangements is the qualification of the staffers of the Municipalities to be upgraded. Today’s course was dedicated to the study on infrastructural projects’ management cycle. I do consider that such arrangements are of high importance” – Mzia Giorgobiani stated.
As per the program, at the end of the study course the attendants shall be able to prepare the logical frame for the idea of infrastructural project, carry out the risk assessment and develop the table for risk mitigation, prepare the draft Terms of Reference for infrastructural projects and supervision, identify and apply performance and monitoring indicators as the means of management. 
The final aim of the study course is to enable the participants to use the knowledge received from the point of infrastructural project management cycle in the process of preparation, management and monitoring of infrastructural projects. 


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