Up to 700 families, living in Anaseuli, will have access to 24-hour water supply


The Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia inspects problems existing in municipalities on-site. 
Regarding the water supply issue of Anaseuli, today, Maya Tskitishvili, together with Majoritarian MP Archil Talakvadze, met with the local population in Ozurgeti municipality. 
For many years, water supply in Anaseuli has been provided with a limited schedule, infrastructure is out of time and loss of drinking water is high. 
At this stage, the project on design service for construction of water supply system is prepared. The project envisages arrangement of new head structure, principal pipes, pumping station and network as well as individual metering of up to 700 families. 
United Water Supply Company of Georgia will carry out construction works, and the estimated cost is 3 million GEL. Therefore, local population will be provided with 24-hour qualitative water supply system. 
Works will be started next spring. 
Projects of water supply provision for population are actively ongoing in Guria region. 
This year, rehabilitation of the town of Laituri in Ozurgeti municipality will be completed and, therefore, 3,300 people will be provided with water supply without schedule. Construction of water supply and drainage systems as well as purificatory structure is ongoing in Ureki. These works will be completed next year, and Ureki will have new and proper infrastructure, which will be used by local population as well as tourists. 


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