1582 settlements have been granted the status of high-mountainous settlement


According to the Law of Georgia “On the Development of High-mountainous Regions” 1582 settlements have been granted the status of high-mountainous settlement. The list of settlements was approved by the Government of Georgia at today’s Cabinet sitting upon motion of the National Council for Development of Mountainous Regions. The sitting was attended by the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia. 

The settlements will enjoy the above-mentioned status for 10 years once they are included in the list. 

The Law drafted by the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia stipulates a settlement as a high-mountainous settlement if it is located at 1500 m or above from sea level.  The Government of Georgia shall be authorized to grant a high-mountainous status to a settlement which is located at no higher than 800 m from the sea level in consideration of various criteria (steepness of mountain slope, condition of infrastructure, climate conditions and natural environment scarcity and deficiency of agricultural lands, demographic profile including aggravated migration process).   In consideration of the criteria listed above and in exceptional cases a high mountainous settlement status may be granted to a settlement located lower than 800 m from sea level.  

Regardless of altitude status of a high-mountainous settlement can be granted to the settlements located in the following historic geographic parts of Georgia: Khevi, Mtiuleti, Pankisi Gorge, High-mountainous Ajara, Gudamakari Gorge, Pshav-Khevsureti, Tusheti, Zemo Svaneti, Lechkhumi, Racha.  

National Council for Mountain Development is planning to review the list of high-mountainous settlements until April 1, 2016. 


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